About Us
Posted at 11:30 am on June 27th, 2015 4,386 views | 0 reply

myIndians-Online, was started as an online community way back in the year 2000 and in the year 2001, we started to work on some animated cartoons which are “Malaysian Indian” based to be uploaded to the online community portal. The idea came based on our love for the “South Park” animated series, hence the genre was the same. The cartoons had to be unique, funny and oh well “stupid”. These cartoons were created just for fun and also to burn our free time during that time. We did not have any target audience or messages to be sent with our cartoons. Well mainly people who are laugh at our cartoons are open minded and those who hated it were really narrow minded. One word, we don’t care about those who were negative with our creations. We ONLY welcome those who want to laugh!

Since we stopped making this cartoons in the year 2006 due to our busy life, why is this blog still here you may ask? Well we have decided to bring back all our creations to live and share it online forever. Most of this old cartoons are currently being re-digitized for more viewing pleasure. So what is next for this blog in this future? Good news, we have decided to come up with more contents like this even now, it might be slow since it’s just a hobby, but always check out the blog for new and fresh contents! Oh yeah, some of our own short movies created before is also included here and all contents are categorized accordingly.

Do you have similar contents / ideas / genre and would like your creation to be features here? Do you have the talent and would like to work with us? OR, Do you just want to contact us? Mail us: myindians@meshra.com or Direct Message on Twitter: @extremesh

myIndians-Online is a child project of Meshra-Media